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Sandalwood Project

In Tribute to our 10th Anniversary, we are taking time and opportunity to give back to Mother Nature. An innovative initiative and one of the best projects around Chennai Limits - THE SANDALWOOD PROJECT.

Yes, the 6 Acre project is plotted into 120 Plots of different sizes, prices ranging from Rs. 2 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs per ground. ground is well planned with 30 to 35 Sandalwood trees.

Sandalwood: Plantation of Sandalwood and maintenance is not easy and not possible anywhere & by everyone. We at Shree Varsha Consultants have taken all the necessary measures to make sure this project is a successful one.

  1. Government Approvals & Licenses to do this project. G.O No. 140 “The Tamilnadu Sandalwood Trees on Patta Land Rules 2008”.
  2. Through Understand and training undergone to understand and grow Sandwood plants from Agricultural University, Coimbatore, Forest Department and Project owners of Hyderabad.
  3. Verified and approved Soil test and most importantly very good water source.
  4. Complete growth and Maintenance taken care by us. Monitoring and guidance from Agriculture and Forest Officers on a regular basis.

  1. You Invest on the land and get it registered on your name. We then come into an agreement where you lease the land to us for growth and maintenance of Sandal Wood Trees. The complete maintenance and monitoring is taken care by us until the trees are mature enough at the cutting stage.
  2. On harvest the income is shared in the ratio of 50:50% between the land owner and us - The Company, which means You as an investor will be benefited with 50%.

  1. White Sandal Wood Cost Rs. 6,000/- per Kg. Today’s market price. Expected to multiply minimum 5 folds.
  2. Land Appreciation also Expected to multiply minimum 5 folds.
  3. Each Ground holds 30 to 35 and expected to yield 60 Lakhs only from trees. which is split in 60: 40 ratio.