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Why Invest ?

15 Reasons why you can close your eyes and invest :

  1. Government Approved & Supported Project - Promoting Sandal Wood Projects / Plots. For eg., DFO District Forest Office. Very clear Title, Legal Opinion and documentation.
  2. Project situated in a highly developing area with Industries / Sipcot, etc. around & Very Close to Chennai 90 Kms. ( Arakkonam - Sholingur State highway).
  3. Soil Tests proved - Best area for growth of Sandal wood trees by Agriculture Department (30 to 35 Trees in 2400 Sq.ft. land - 1 Ground )
  4. White Sandal wood cost Rs. 6,000/- todays price. Expected to multiply Minimum 5 folds in 15 Years. ( India's Demand for sandalwood is high, we have started importing from countries like Australia )
  5. Good Water source - Well with water in the project area and complete drip irrigation setup done.
  6. 4 Guards, 2 Rottweiler dogs, Guest House and 7 Feet height wall with 3 feet height solar electric fence- Completely secure and safe.
  7. Complete Insurance for the plants & Chips to be implanted on each tree after 5 year for automatic alarming. Regular Inspections from the Agriculural board and well experienced agriculturists.
  8. Very Very low Investment : Ranging from 2 Lakhs to Rs. 5 Lakhs per ground and in different sizes.
  9. Minimum Expected Returns 10 Times on Sandwood Trees. Land appreciation minimum 5 times.
  10. Complete Maintenance and growth by the Company itself. Profits on Sandwood Split 60% to the Investor- Owner of Land and 50% to us for promoting and maintaining the project until the maturing of trees and cutting orders.
  11. Promoted by Award winning Consultants with over a decade of real estate experience in promoting innovative projects. For eg., FootHills project - Kodaikanal.
  12. 13 Kms. from Tirutanni Murugan Temple and 10 Kms. from Sholingur Temple on the state highway road.
  13. Very Limited Plots available! Most of it sold through references and returning buyers. (6 Acres - Total 120 Plots – only few plots left).
  14. Rated one of the best Investment projects opportunities around Chennai Limits.
  15. Investment Guaranteed 100%! In Five years you can return back the land to us and take back the invested money. After 5 years you can still return it back to us at double the price invested.